Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meeting HENRY HOLLAND at Sauce!

Last thursday, I also went to Sauce, although I was very tired from the previous event I was not going to give up the chance to meet Henry Holland and browse through his A/W 11 collection - which may I say was fantastic. The whole event was amazing, I personally love Sauce, the atmosphere, the smell, the people, the food - it was truly magical.

And of course I couldn't resist taking the pictures of the best dressed. Below, Diya Ajit works nerd chic, flawlessly. 

As usual I bumped into many bloggers including Lisa, Mahryska, Saanieh and Alizey. Each of them looked fabulous, I loved Lisa's Mulberry, Mahryska's jeans, Saanieh's suspender tights and Alizey's Furla bag!  


Overall, meeting Henry Holland was amazing he is even more better in person, I adore his fashion sense and I am sure his blazer was the center of attention in the whole room. I had a short conversation with him and he was extremely sweet, and even complimented my bag, it was an absolutely perfect day.

x Mallika


  1. Thanks bubba <3
    What camera do you guys use? it's amazing!

  2. That looks amazing! :) And his blazer is killer!!! many great outfits :)
    Lovely blog!